I do not like the way that I keep putting things off

I actually annoy myself periodically with the way that I am consistently putting things off.

I am the world’s worst procrastinator for some reason.

I’ve consistently been this way, too. It’s just an innate personality flaw, I think. I used to have this same concern back when I was a child in school and I would put off my homework and studying for tests and things care about that right up until the last minute. Most of the time, I would end up doing it on the school bus on the way to school the afternoon of the test! And I am nervous to say that not much has changed now that I am an adult. I still procrastinate about a whole lot of things. It’s the worst when it comes to things with my apartment such as getting the heating and cooling plan checked out when it needs to be. It happens at least once or twice a year when the weather is increasing; For instance, in the Spring when the weather is heating up outside, I consistently need to get my air conditioner plan checked out and inspected, but for some reason I consistently wait until the last minute when the temperatures outside are already too hot to give the local Heating & A/C contractor a call. That means I end up waiting for an a/c repair check much longer than I should have to. If I would only do things on time, it would be much better for my heating and cooling plan and for my indoor air pollen levels.
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