I don’t like traveling on planes that are cold from the a/c

I am going to love every morning of the more than two weeks I have left here in my hometown before I take off overseas for another many months.

I am going to have a bonfire party for all of my friends in a couple of weeks so that I can see them all.

I also have some duct cleaning plus sealing to do for my Dad at her home before I leave so it isn’t going to be all fun plus games although I am going to make the most of my time here. It also won’t be long before I am resting in that long flight over the Atlantic reminiscing of my time spent here. I hope the air conditioning system isn’t too frosty on the plane akin to last time or I am going to be frosty for the whole many hour trip back. My sibling just flew back to China plus got a first class ticket because she racked up a whole bunch of frequent flier miles with all of her traveling. I am going to ask the attendant on the plane if the climate control method can be adjusted so it isn’t so frosty on the plane because I’ve heard a lot of people complain about this on their trips as well. Maybe I can find a seat in the warmer part of the plane if that is possible. I could also try to fully close all of the air ducts in my aisle if it is empty. Enjoy the last time on my way over here to the states. Every one of us shall definitely see.

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