I dropped the window a/c

I dropped the window a/c that belongs to my room, & I am super disappointed.

Our family does not have a central a/c, & my parents only bought a few window a/cs for our house.

One of the a/cs goes in my parent’s living room because they can’t sleep separate from the a/c running. Another a/c goes in the living room because that is where most of us spend our time while in the day. I am not sure if both of us unquestionably like being in the living room, but if the a/c is in the living room, that is where both of us are going to be. Both of us asked my parents to purchase window a/cs for our living rooms, but my parents refused to purchase window a/cs for our living rooms. They told us that if both of us wanted window a/cs for our room, both of us would have to save up the money & purchase the window a/cs ourselves. So far, I am the only one that has saved up enough money to buy a window a/c for my room. I got the window a/c last year, & I was super excited to have a window a/c in my room. Unfortunately, I am not sure if the window a/c works anymore. I dropped the window a/c while I was trying to install it, & I managed to rip the power cord right out of the window a/c. I truthfully hope that I can fix the window a/c, because I spent a lot of money on the a/c, & that would be super disappointing.
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