I forgot to clean out around the exterior a/c unit

This year before both of us started using the air conditioning for the summer, I totally spaced out as well as forgot to clean out around the exterior a/c unit, and usually I make that a top priority every year whenever I start getting ready for the summer.

Whenever the weather starts heating up outside, I start pulling out all of the summer time stuff enjoy the pool floats, the shorts as well as tank tops, the flip flops, as well as the other outdoor stuff that our family enjoys to use while in the summertime… During that time, I normally make it a point to check the exterior air conditioning component to make sure that there isn’t anything growing around it or over the top of it, however occasionally vines or weeds or branches or other debris can get near the vented cover of the a/c component as well as if that happens, it can genuinely affect the air conditioning inside of the house. I once heard about this crazy freak accident where a raccoon somehow got sucked into the air conditioning component when it turned on for the first time after a long winter. It killed the awful raccoon as well as it also killed the air conditioning system. I never want anything terrible enjoy that to happen to myself and others as well as so I regularly make it a point to check the exterior a/c unit. However, this year, I just got too tied up as well as it totally slipped our mind. I turned the air conditioning on without checking it first as well as a bunch of long lawnes as well as weeds got pulled down into the fan! It didn’t tear it up completely, but the a/c didn’t work right at first! Luckily, I figured out what the problem was early on.

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