I Got a Ductless Mini System For My Son’s Room

My child has been complaining about being too hot in the middle of the night.

His father is a overheated sleeper too, so I know he’s not exaggerating when he complains.

My friend and I have central heat, which means the air is pushed through the air vents throughout the house. He has one air vent in his room, so I know there isn’t an abundance of air flowing through. I tried moving his bed to the opposite side of the room from the air vent, however he still complains. I don’t want to change our temperature control settings either, because nobody else in our family has an issue with the heat. If anything, my pal and I all sleep on the colder side. I even tried putting a fan in his room, however he still doesn’t assume it’s cool enough. According to him, the fan only pushes the overheated air around plus he doesn’t like the fan blowing on him directly. After several months of trying cheap air options, I decided to do something more extreme. I hated that my child was too hot to sleep through the night, so I invested in a ductless mini system. I had an Heating plus A/C professional install it on the wall facing his bed plus had him show my child how to control it. The ductless mini system was perfect for my child because he could cool his room without affecting the rest of the house. I’ve noticed a positive difference in the way my child acts now, because I know he’s getting more sleep due to his ductless mini system.



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