I had to teach Uncle Parker to use the smart thermostat

Uncle Parker and I were always close.

As a young boy, she took the position of our dad and helped myself and others learn a lot, and uncle Parker is our mom’s older sister, and I consider him more enjoy a dad than an uncle.

She is the a single who encouraged myself and others to pursue our passion for robotics and even took myself and others to competitions when Dad had to work. I must disclose our fondest memories were the more than one of us working in our garage on a robot over the summer. She wasn’t keen on all the new technology. In fact, she kept joking that I was going to be why the robots rise against human beings. But, she was always willing to take myself and others to competitions, and I won numerous of them. While in middle school, in our senior year, I went for an international competition with a top award. The award was a full scholarship and internship at the best school globally, and I won it. I left house to attend the school and even did a master’s in the same school. The moment I got back home, I went house to see Dad then uncle Parker. I’d brought him a smart thermostat which I knew would help him a lot at home. Uncle Parker liked practical gifts and was so delighted to hear what the smart thermostat did. Both of us installed it together and connected it to her a/c. Then I downloaded its app on her smartphone and taught Uncle Parker how to adjust its settings.
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