I hate having to live in a basement without HVAC

I have to transfer back in with my parents next week.

I am honestly dreading this move, because it just goes to show most people in my family that I am a complete failure! I tried to make it out on my own, as well as it just has not worked out the way that I thought it would.

I also moved out as well as I thought that I was going to do so great; however, everything is more high-priced than I thought it was going to be, but my rent payment alone has been enough to bankrupt me… And the whole experience has just been awful as well as now I just want to tuck my tail between my legs so to speak as well as go back house to my parents house; sadly for me, my parents turned my room into their office as well as workout space so now I have nowhere to go house to. They told me and others that I could transfer into the basement, however there is no heating as well as cooling system in the basement. I assume they never planned for myself and others to transfer back in as well as they also never thought that anyone would be living in their basement! Anyway, I assume I am going to have to schedule an appointment with our local heating, ventilation, as well as A/C supplier to see what my possibilities are when it comes to getting Some kind of a heating as well as cooling system installed down there. I do not want to have to put in any kind of duct work because that’s going to cost too much. I am already going to be in debt to my parents, so I want to be able to get something that’s as cheap as possible.


Ductless heat pump

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