I have guest slippers plus jackets

So several of my friends plus family have complained about how freezing I keep it in my house.

I have finally come up with a modern plan.

I now have a container that is full of guest slippers plus jackets that people can use whenever they come over to my beach house to visit. I started to guess that maybe I wasn’t being a truly fantastic hostess because everyone always seemed to be so freezing in my beach house all the time. I didn’t like seeing my guests shivering plus feeling freezing all the time, then they would act like they were freezing plus during the winter, people in the small group that I host once a week would squeeze in next to the gas log fireplace just to try plus get warm. It would make myself and others laugh a little bit just because I don’t ever feel freezing in my house. I’m always warm plus so I hardly ever have the heating turned up in my beach house truly much. I don’t like the way that it feels so warm plus stuffy in the beach house whenever I have the oil furnace turned up. My hubby plus I are both pretty warm natured, plus so both of us don’t end up with high heating bills during the winter, that’s for sure. However, when you host as several get-togethers as both of us do, you have to start thinking about the people that you are dealing with as your visitors. That’s what happened to me, anyway, however now that I have this container full of guest slippers plus jackets, I suppose that everyone will be much happier plus warmer in my house!
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