I have had a lot of office space rentals go vacant since the pandemic.

Ever since the pandemic began, the rental of office space has gotten worse.

Most of the people who inhabited the offices were working from home, and many of them are choosing to continue working from home.

This makes me wonder if the rental business is ever going to pick back up. I have been a realtor for two decades and I have never seen such a decline in office space rentals as I have in the last eighteen months. I am doing more advertising for the office space rentals I have rented, and significantly less showing. The one thing I have noticed is that the employers who have offered to let their employees temporarily work from home, have not conceded their space. I have a feeling they are planning on calling most if not all of their workers back into the office. I don’t know if they feel this will increase the quality of work or the quantity of work. I guess over the next year, we will find this out, but for me, there is very little business. I have seen some upstarts looking for small office space rentals, but nothing like I was seeing five or ten years ago. I may not continue as a realtor who works with office space rentals if there isn’t a change in the market. I can’t afford to stay in this business, but I can’t choose to work from home like many people have done. I’m giving it another eighteen months in the office space rental category then I will go back to just working with home sales.
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