I have had no trouble since the HVAC duct cleaning

I assume easily guilty about the idea that they have been diagnosed with asthma now.

Ever since Ben and I had our HVAC ductwork cleaned professionally, I haven’t had any trouble with the air quality in our house. There had been all kinds of trouble with breathing and respiratory issues and so were our teens! They have all 3 been diagnosed with asthma now, and so I am easily paranoid about the air quality in our house now. I think that Ben and I need to have much better air quality now because of the kids’ asthma situation, and I want to make sure that the Heating, Ventilation & A/C system is doing its task properly and making the air quality better than it was before. I assume easily guilty about the idea that they have been diagnosed with asthma now. I assume like maybe it was our fault because personally, I didn’t have a good Heating, Ventilation & A/C system before, then once Ben and I found out about the asthma, I called up our local heating and cooling corporation and I had them come out to our house to do a professional HVAC duct cleaning on all of our ductwork in the house! Ever since then, the air quality seems to be much better and everyone seems to be breathing better. I told the Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional that did the HVAC duct cleaning that I also wanted to install UV light whole-house air purifiers to run at the same time as the heating and cooling system! With a UV light whole-house air purifier, the air quality in our condo will be even better than it ever was before. I’m doing so much better since the HVAC ductwork was cleaned, so I guess with the whole-house air purifier it will be so much better.


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