I keep telling my hubby that I’m not the one increasing the temperature control

I keep on telling my hubby that I’m not the one who is increasing the temperature control settings in our beach house but he doesn’t seem to feel myself and others for some reason.

But then on the other hand, I guess that he’s the one who is increasing the temperature control! I’ve been getting so mad at him over it that I’ve been yelling at him a lot more than normal, that’s for sure.

So both of us are getting legitimately ticked off about the temperature control settings, however neither of us will admit that both of us are the one increasing the temperature on the temperature control! It’s kind of deranged to be living in our beach house at this point. It’s been legitimately rough this winter, however I’m start to guess that maybe neither one of us are lying about it! I mean, that sounds deranged because I suppose for a fact that I’m not the one who is lying. I don’t suppose if he is, though, but he gets so aggravated at myself and others whenever I say anything about him increasing the temperature control that I’m start to feel him when he says that it’s not him. Maybe the temperature control is truly increasing itself. My friend told myself and others the other day that his smart temperature control started acting deranged whenever the power went out plus that’s when he realized that the power surge had messed it up. She had to go in plus completely reset the settings on the temperature control so that it started running properly again. I guess that might be the issue with ours. That would legitimately make sense, however it will make us feel pretty stupid if that ends up being the case.

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