I love going to the hot tub even in winter

I often spend my time in hotels. I am a traveling medical representative. I only go back to my home base when I have something going on that requires personal attention. The rest of the time I am on the road. I spend four or five days trying to sell medical equipment and then I take a couple of days off and explore the city on my company’s dime. I always stay at a hotel that has a hot tub. I love to sit in the hot tub and relax. It makes my body and my mind feel much better. Even during the winter when it is very cold outside, the hot tub can still be nice. If there is snow on the ground, I’ll still take a dip in the hot tub. After all, I can easily go right back into my hotel room and warm up in front of the heater. The heat and the air conditioner are really important to my comfort in the hotel room. When I first move into a room, I always check the heating and cooling situation. I make sure that the air vents have been cleaned and sanitized and that the air filter is also free of dog hair and lint. These things can really help out when you have to stay in a place that frequently has lots of different guests. I need to be certain that there are no allergens in the room, because I have terrible asthma. Any allergens can cause a flare up and that will put me in the emergency room all night long. I have to keep an inhaler with me and an EpiPen just in case something is too serious and I cannot make it to an emergency room in time.


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