I made a huge mistake

I didn’t really want to purchase an air conditioner component through the Heating as well as A/C corporation in my town.

When they gave the price for the AC unit, I thought I was going to pass out! I couldn’t believe anyone would pay more than $4500 for a central air conditioner unit.

I started looking online, plus I found various locations where I could buy the cooling system. One place offered a cooling system that was less than $1000 and that even included tax plus delivery. When the delivery person arrived, he asked if there was anyone available to help him. The package was huge. He said he couldn’t lift it to get it into the house on his own. When I said I had no one to help, and I couldn’t help because I had shoulder surgery. He wrestled the AC component off the truck and just left it there on the sidewalk. I called the Heating as well as A/C corporation plus told them I had the air conditioner component plus I wanted them to come to the house plus install it for me. But I was no longer getting a free upgrade, plus I had to get the AC component off the sidewalk. It was blocking people and cars and I couldn’t leave it there for days on end! The Heating as well as A/C serviceman couldn’t get there for days. The delivery person did not believe how large the package was! I had to pay someone to get the A/C component onto the porch, and the decision to buy the A/C component online was becoming an immense pain. When the Heating as well as A/C serviceman finally arrived, he told me that it was the wrong size for our house!



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