I need to find an anniversary gift

I need to find an anniversary gift for my parents this year, but they already have everything! They are people who really go out and get just about everything that they want whenever they want it.

Of course, I don’t really blame them for that. They have always worked hard and now that they are retired, they basically end up doing whatever they want all the time and that’s perfectly fine with me. However, it does make it pretty difficult for those of us who would like to give them a gift sometimes! I had no clue what to get for them until the other day when I was over at their house for dinner and I heard my dad yelling in the basement about the furnace. He said that there was something wrong with it again and that he was sick and tired of fixing it. Well, when he was complaining about the furnace, it gave me the bright idea to purchase a furnace and air conditioning maintenance and repair plan for them for the next year. I think that having a fully paid, fully inclusive heating and A/C maintenance and repair plan from our local HVAC company for the next twelve months will really be great for them. Now they won’t have to worry a bit about furnace and air conditioning repairs, and my dad won’t have to get mad down in the basement messing around with the furnace. I think they will love it. Honestly, I’m pretty happy with myself for thinking of it in the first place!

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