I need to set aside time to clean my HEPA filter

I’m so hungry and I just ate lunch about a minute and a half ago.

I feel it is because I did a lot of exercise Last year and my body is craving calories.

Or it could also be that my body is trying to heal the awful wound I got on my toe the other morning when I also accidentally kicked a jagged rock when I was walking in my sandals. It was starting to close up finally and then this morning I ripped off the scab trying to crack my toe knuckle with my other toes, stupid. The heating, ventilation as well as A/C program outside had a bunch of rocks piled below it that I didn’t see when I was walking and kicked the rock with my left foot, ripping my toe open and blackening my toenail. The local corporation which sells natural ointments hooked myself and others up with a fantastic salve to stop the infection, so I am hoping it isn’t going to require further treatment. It’s dumb little accidents appreciate this that can send you to the hospital if you don’t get them under control. I am supposed to work on the HVAC duct this month because it is dirty and needs to be cleaned, but if this toe isn’t feeling better I absolutely should simply avoid walking on it for a few days until it closes up again. No more cracking the toes knuckles with my other toes appreciate a monkey! I guess I could at least clean the washable HEPA filter which is situated about more than nine feet from my bed here in my room.
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