I never wanted to be a repairman

I wanted to be a doctor when I was a little kid, but the sight of blood made me throw up every time, however for a while, I thought it would be neat to fly a jet, although I get airsick actually easily.

I was worried that I would never find something to make me happy, so I joined the army. While I was in the military, I had to learn a skill. I ended up laboring as a repairman on heating and s. Whenever there was a complication in the office buildings or barracks, I was the person called to repair the heating and It wasn’t an terrible job, and I never had to leave the states because there was regularly a need for me at home. I spent 12 years in the armed services and then I decided to leave the military when I got married. My partner wanted to have children and she did not want to raise them alone. I understood that I was giving up a lot, although I wanted our life to be happy. I had to find a job in the civilian world and the only skills I had was heating and repair work. It was our best shot at finding a fantastic job, and I stadiumd a lot of odd applications with local service centers. It did not take long to find a job, because I had plenty of skills, but just a small number of years after I was out of the service, our partner had our first child and multiple more to follow. I thought it was going to be hard to leave the military, but it was the best edition of our life.

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