I told my cousin he could use radiant heated floors for his situation

I was never really a huge fan of the whole social media thing.

Honestly, it seems like everybody is too fake when it comes to having online profiles and showing what their lives are like.

It’s like everybody has their own piece of reality show and just like those shows, it all seems fake as ever. I have this one cousin who actually talked me into signing up for social media. I just put a bunch of family on there and eventually added some friends. My cousin started annoying me with all his posts though. He was regularly posting all the stuff he was eating, the stuff he was buying at the store, and even how he felt getting out of the shower. While I thought it all was annoying, I thought I could give him a tip about the shower thing. He was complaining about how frosty the tiles were when he got out of the shower. He said he thought about using a portable heating system to help, but he thought it might be dangerous using a heating system in the bathroom. I told him it was a good idea to invest in radiant heated floors. He said he thought those would be expensive to have installed. I told him it would be costly if he had his whole home hooked up with radiant heating, but he could always just get electric heating tiles for the bathroom or he could go with a hydronic heating system. I told him how I had my bathroom hooked up that way and I never had to worry about the frosty bathroom tiles. He thanked me for the advice, but I realized that our conversation was open to the whole public, and I didn’t like that very much.


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