I wanted my Mom to let me handle the website from the start

When I was 8 years old, my mom & Mom started a company servicing heating, ventilation, & A/C equipment, then my Mom was a repair repair specialist & my mom was 2. My mom was a single of the only female Heating & Air Conditioning specialists in the whole county… When my mom & Mom started the business, things were slow. In the start, they had to labor actually hard to make sure that they could spend money the bills & put food on the table for my sibling & i. I l acquired a lot about hard labor from my mom & Mom, because it took a lot of hard labor to get the company running. I graduated from high school & went to school to get a degree in company SEO, then after I finished with my four-year degree, I went back home to talk to my mom & Mom about joining the business. I had a lot of great SEO ideas to help the Heating & Air Conditioning repair company & I wanted my mom & Mom to let me handle the website & all of the SEO & advertising, however they had a corporation handling all the website problems & advertising. My mom & Mom were hesitant to stop using the advertising corporation, because they had done such a great task in the past. I assured my mom & Mom that I could handle the task & I had their best interests at heart. The first thing I did was completely revamp the website to make it much more user-friendly & easier to navigate.

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