I wanted to get fast food

I was in the mood to get fast food, and I didn’t have to look at what places I should go to, because I already knew.

  • I am a creature of habit, and once I find a place that I like, I will keep returning to it.

I found a nice fast food place that is not only cheap, but serves great food as well. I planned on getting some of their barbecue ribs with some sides, and potentially dessert too. I could already feel my stomach rumble in anticipation and I eagerly hopped in my car and drove to their location. However, blocking most of their small parking lot was a HVAC van. At first I was irritated that this heating tech had the nerve to block most of the parking lot. This cooling tech should just get in line like everyone else and wait their turn. However, I then realized he wasn’t waiting for food and the heating and A/C technician was there for repairs. I looked inside and noticed that the food place was closed. Inside, I could see the heating and cooling technician working away at what I assume was their commercial heating and A/C system. The sign on the door read that they were closed for the day for HVAC maintenance. How disappointing, of all of the days for them to be closed, it just had to be the day where I was craving them the most. I ended up sitting at a nearby taco place instead, and figured I would return tomorrow.

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