I was there to lend a helping hand

My neighbor is an elderly person that has lived in the home for 50 years.

I have been living in our home for the last 15 years.

The person used to have a lot of visitors all of the time, however in the last couple of years I haven’t seen honestly several people coming around to help. A few Days ago, our partner & I were coming lake home from the grocery store & every one of us saw the guy in the driveway. He was trying to lift a heavy box out of the car. I put all of the bags on the concrete & I walked across the grass to help. The heavy box was a new window A/C unit. I asked the guy if he was having troubles with the central AC. He responded with an affirmative answer & proceeded to tell myself and others that the maintenance repair wanted thoUnited Statesnds of dollars to maintenance a blower motor issue. He thought it was easier to buy a window A/C unit. I decided to see if I could lend a helping hand. I work as a corporation & I have more than an average amount of expertise on heating & A/C machines. The blower motor was genuinely the problem, even though I knew I could save the guy a couple of hundred dollars by repairing the problem. I gave our services at no cost if the elderly person paid for the cost of the materials & equipment. He had a lovelyly glad look on his face after hearing our news & genuinely accepted the help. He even returned the window A/C device to the store after the central air conditioner plan was repaired.

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