I wish I was a Ventilation professional

I wish that I had become a Ventilation & A/C pro instead of a teller! Back whenever I was in high university, I had high aspirations of going to a technical university here in my neighborhood, so that I could earn a Heating, Ventilation & A/C certification within a few months of my high school graduation.

That was basically what I wanted to do with our life. I thought that it would be a productive thing to do. At the time, I just knew that I wanted to be an Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional. I had consistently been very interested in mechanical things and in helping people, and so I thought that being a Ventilation & A/C pro would be the best of both worlds. During our final year of high university, one of the guidance counselors at our university thought that it would be a killer idea to talk me out of our original plan, though. I think she somehow thought that it was more important that I go to university instead of to a technical university like I had planned; She even talked to both of our parents and got them to beginning thinking that I should go to university, get a degree, and become a bank teller, of all things! I think that’s what our aptitude test results had said that I should become. I somehow let all of them bully me into this plan and now I am trapped in a task I hate with a lot of university debt that I also hate. I wish that I had just gone with our original plan and gone to technical university to get a certification in Heating, Ventilation & A/C instead.

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