I wish they would fix the AC in the break room

My co-workers and I have been complaining about the air conditioner in the break room for the past 2 months. The AC stopped working at the beginning of the summer. It used to blow cold air. Recently it seems to barely blow air colder than the indoor temperatures. At least it was working a little bit until the machine finally broke down in June. A few people have complained to the foreman about the problem. We got a letter in our paycheck from the foreman asking us to be patient while they wait for repairs. No one did anything about the issue after two months. My co-workers and I spend nine hours at the plant during our shift. While we are working we do not have any air conditioning. We have physically demanding jobs and spend most of the day on our feet lugging heavy parts around the factory. The only time we get to relax in the cool air is when we are having lunch. We only get one hour during the day when we can relax and put up our feet. It is not too much to ask the management team to fix the air conditioner problem in the break room. I told the union representative that we should stage a strike and not work a couple of days in a row. When the bosses can’t meet quotes, they will be forced to make changes. The union rep told me that we can’t pursue that route unless it is literally the only option we have left on the table. I don’t think we should wait.
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