I work as an A/C rep with one of the big companies

My landlady had been having issues with her cooling product for some time, but when I moved into her pool house, she was excited to find out that I work as an a/c rep with one of the large companies in the city, but I also saw an option that would benefit both of us.

I would help her with the a/c care and any needed a/c repairs in exchange for my rent being slashed by a certain percentage.

She had encountered great and qualified a/c workmen, although she had a better deal with me and found that dealing with me would be easier. When I was settled in the great poolhouse, I checked the A/C. It seemed to be great conditioning, and I acknowledged its high SEER ratings! The a/c upgrade occurred about years ago, but the device looked good. My landlady told me that in the past more than one years, she had not been able to schedule the tune-up, so I thought that was an excellent place to start. I suggested 3 of my colleagues to assist with any needed repairs and a/c install for any new devices, we began by cleaning out the filthy washable filters. we would continue with these washable air conditioner filters for a while before upgrading to disposable ones in numerous weeks! Frequently changing the filters plays a big role in air purification and improving the overall air quality and function of the quality A/C equipment. My landlady has been cheerful that she has someone to maintain her dual fuel system, which she considers a considerable investment.

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