I worked in a small concert hall for a few years with barely functional HVAC

When I moved back home with our mom to help take care of his full time, I had a remote task that paid myself and others fantastic money.

Shortly after moving, I had to take a sizable pay cut from that task to retain our employment status and that meant looking for work locally.

And since our employment contract has a non-compete clause in it, that meant I had to find work in a odd industry entirely. That’s what led myself and others to searching Craigslist for task openings in areas as diverse as food service, hospitality, and retail. I was relieved when I saw a task opening at a nearby concert hall just hours away from our mother’s residence. They were looking for someone to help load and unload tunes machine for the bands playing. One night I got to see Marty Stuart and another night we set up gear for Eddie Money. They weren’t the largest concerts, but they were packed and full of energy. Unfortunately the place rarely used air conditioning. It was only on during concerts and it was relegated to the front of the hall, all of the areas backphase would be hot and uncomfortable. There was a family room in the back as well and it would get miserably hot during the shows. Needless to say, the lack of indoor temperature control led to nasty odors in that place when it was left shut with no ventilation for numerous days at a time. I can’t imagine what the humidity was like inside. It had to have been over 70% on numerous occasions, especially considering this was in a region with harshly high outdoor humidity levels.


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