If I get an HVAC job will you leave me alone?

My sister Sam is a single 1 of the biggest nags I have ever met.

Sam thinks it is okay to pressure people into doing things they don’t want to do.

When I first moved to the city, Sam let myself and others live with her, but she put a few stipulations on the agreement. I needed to either go to university or get a job. I promised I would follow through, however that was over 3 months ago. I didn’t want to go to university, plus finding a job was almost impossible right now. People weren’t hiring, also I didn’t want to task at a McDonald’s. When I told her that, she got furious. Sam said McDonald’s was a respectable place to work when I could not find anything else. There were plenty of courses being provided at the local schools, so I didn’t need to take full credit classes. They were courses designed to get you qualified to find a skilled job. I was so angry that I told her I would go back to university if Sam would leave myself and others alone. I’m not sure what I chose was what Sam was thinking about, but I signed up for a class on Heating and Air Conditioning. I knew Sam would regret it when I told her that her little sister was going to be an Heating and Air Conditioning business. When she got back to the beachside house that night, I had the brochures sitting on the table, plus she glanced at them. Sam said nothing, however smiled as she learn through them. ‘So, but you want to be an Heating and Air Conditioning business rep?’ I smiled, however said nothing. Sam signed the paperwork so I could get a loan for the university plus provided myself and others a hug. I guess that Sam approved of myself and others being in the Heating and Air Conditioning business.

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