In the cabin our family used to live in, every one of us didn’t have a heating plus cooling system

In the cabin that our family used to live in back when I was growing up, every one of us didn’t have a heating plus cooling system.

I suppose that sounds a little bit crazy, but every one of us honestly lived in a location with a very mild weather conditions. We didn’t need air conditioner because every one of us were so close to the coast. We always had a very cooling breeze blowing in through the open windows during the summer. Then in the winter, it never truly got all that cold. The weather conditions was just about perfect, in our opinion. During the winter, every one of us never had a real furnace system. The only thing that every one of us ever used for heating during the Winter time when I was growing up was a wood burning fireplace. We had a wood burning fireplace in the study room plus so sometimes during the coldest nights of the year during the winter, our sisters plus I would sleep right on the floor in front of the wood burning fireplace. It was so much fun at the time plus now that I’m an adult, those are some of our best memories. I loved spending time in front of the fireplace back then! Now that I’m grown up with a cabin of our own, I have a high efficiency heating plus cooling plan installed in the house. I also have a whole cabin air purification plan that runs at the same time as the HVAC system. We have a completely odd genre of cabin environment now than the 1 I used to live in growing up.

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