Installing a smart thermostat for the dogs

Recently, my manager at the doggy daycare where I work mentioned that she would be interested in installing a smart thermostat inside a number of different places in our facility.

This way, the groomers could be kept nice and cozy, but big halls where the dogs sleep would be cool for them at night and during the day, should they want to take aname.

She replaced all of their old wall heaters with brand new HVAC units, and each unit was dedicated to providing Heating and Air Conditioning services to a particular area, which was amazing. I was able to stay warm from the heating while providing physical therapy care for one of our older dogs, but the area next to the pool where the dogs would come back inside from the warm sunshine was made to have a pleasant chill to the fur from the air conditioner. I appreciated the adjustments to the Heating and Air Conditioning units so much that I stopped looking for a second job. Before, all of the old Heating and Air Conditioning units created an incredibly warm and dry environment. The dogs always had dry noses from the heating, that caused me to break out into an awful and extremely itchy rash. And in the summers, the air conditioner from my HVAC unit would also have a similar dryness to the air but this time with cold as its primary influence. The air conditioner would typically dry out pretty much everyone, sometimes worse in the summers for some reason. So I am very thankful for this addition to my small office workplace. It is important to continue to keep employees happy during this time, as it is almost absolutely an employee’s market these days.

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