It lasted for such a long time

I absolutely can’t believe that my central heating and A/C plan is almost 20 years old! The most amazing thing about it is that it still works fantastic and I am in no need of having to invest in another and undoubtedly pricey central heating and A/C plan component any time soon! I always have my seasonal Heating plus Air Conditioning tune up and check ups done twice a year without skipping one, and every single time to date the heat and cooling system specialist is just as stunned as I am that this almost 20 year outdated central heating and A/C plan works just as fantastically as it did the day I bought it. There is no signs of anything breaking down and no signs of any pieces needing to be replaced. I have only in all these years had 4 times that the central heat and cooling system plan stopped working. And all 4 times it was something quite minor that was able to be fixed within less than a half an minute. I never had the motor stopped working and I have never had the fan split on me. These older model central heating and cooling systems are very much built to last! Also the SEER rating of this outdated central heating and A/C plan is so great. I do not have super high electric bills love many others because of it. If it were to break tomorrow and be unfixable I would be undoubtedly shocked! Who knows how much longer it will last, but I am blissful I am still fantastic to go.


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