It was the first time I did something for myself

I spent 10 years in an unhealthy & abusive relationship & a single morning I finally had enough, then i packed up all of my bags while my bestie was at work & I left the house.

I guess it might have been easier to confront the guy & have a important argument! When I was done, I just wanted to leave & never see the guy again.

I found a job working at a Borders. I met a couple of friends & I found a small condo to rent. I had some money saved up from the relationship & I used the cash to pay for 6 weeks of rent. I was residing in the condo for a couple of weeks & then I had a concern with the furnace; There was no heat in the condo & I couldn’t figure out why. I tried to call the landlord, however the guy did not answer the iphone & his voice mailbox was full. I tried to find the answer online. I really did not guess I would be able to fix the furnace concern without help, although I realized genuinely abruptly that the concern was a pilot light issue. I followed the step-by-step guide online & relit the pilot light, but after about an hour, the condo was hot & I felt harshly proud of my accomplishment. It was the first time in my life that I solved a concern on my own. I was genuinely distraught that I would not be able to live on my own & fixing the furnace gives myself and others hope that I am stronger than my ex-bestie thinks I am.
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