It was too late for an HVAC pro to come over.

I was to have the HVAC pro come out to our house by 4 PM.

He was going to do repair on the gas furnace and make some minor repairs.

Ed and I also wanted him to inspect the ductwork to see if it needed to be cleaned. When he didn’t arrive by 4 PM, both of us knew both of us would need to wait until 7 PM before we could call the HVAC company. At 4:30 both of us got a phone call telling us the HVAC pro was sitting in traffic and should arrive by 5 PM. i wasn’t ecstatic because that was just in time to disrupt our meal. I had a multiple-week-old child that needed to be in bed by 7:30 or she slept poorly and got cranky. When the HVAC pro still hadn’t arrived at 7:30 PM, I was miserable. He was now several half hours late, and the last time both of us heard anything was several hours earlier. I called the HVAC company to check on the HVAC professionals’ arrival. She told me he wouldn’t be there until almost 9 PM. I told her to cancel the appointment and both of us would make it some other time. It was too late for the HVAC professional to come to the house at 9 PM. I didn’t want to be rude, however I had to get our child to bed, and an irregular voice would have her awake. The dispatcher knew where I was coming from, and she provided me with an appointment for the following afternoon at 9 AM. I was sure the HVAC pro was going to be happier going to the beach house after resting in traffic this entire time instead of working on a natural gas furnace.


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