It wouldn’t be a bad idea going into business with my brother

My brother has always been a good auto mechanic. Most of the time when I visit him, he would be out there working on a car engine. He has this old ‘68 mustang he has been working on and it sure is a beauty. I helped him with the climate control system which is working great. He then told me about an RV that he purchased. He said he wanted to be able to go out with his family from time to time and enjoy the camping experience. He said the only issue with that RV other than a few minor fixes, he needed to have the climate control system fixed. He explained how the cooling system was basically shot but the heating system worked fine so he could defrost the windows in the winter and keep from freezing. I thought about it and then considered a ductless mini split system. I realized he would need to be able to supply enough power to run the ductless mini split and other electrics in the RV. So I helped him find the perfect solar panel set up to hook up to the top of the RV. I also mounted the condenser for the ductless mini split in the back and set up the indoor unit in the back so the cooling air would flow straight to the front. It was actually a very comfortable set up after I was done hooking everything up. I got the electrical set up perfectly and my brother thanked me for the help. He said we should start a business together hooking up RVs with ductless mini splits. He would soup up the RV while I hooked up the ductless mini split.

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