Jack and his friends managed to rent a small bungalow

The rental agent was so lovely.

Jack and his friends faced a bit of a language barrier, because they were just visiting the island and didn’t speak the local tongue. The agent spoke a bit of English, so Jack and his friends were able to rent a little bungalow on the beach for a few nights. Their hotel had been closed down for some reason, and the reservations were worthless. They all felt blessed to get any place on such short notice. The bungalow was on the edge of the sand, a hundred meters from the water. It had electricity, but the guys couldn’t believe there was no AC. Being entitled Americans, they just assumed any rental place they paid money for would come with an AC. Jack was pretty steamed about a lack of cooling, but one friend pointed out that with the money they had saved from the hotel reservations, they could just buy a small A/C component for the place. Lucky for them the local hardware store sold a small, portable air conditioner, just enough to cool down a single room in the property. It cost some little cash, and they all agreed it was the best cash they ever spent, because that cooling was extravagant. When their trip was over, Jack and his friends decided to leave the AC unit in the rental house for the next people to use. It was unquestionably small and portable, but still didn’t want to fuss with carrying an AC unit onto an aircraft. Hopefully the next renters like their token.

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