Lack of online presence in small towns

I went from living in a small town in the north to 1 down south.

  • I enjoy smaller towns.

It is safer, easier & simpler to live. I was able to get a substantial plot of land & a nice house for my family and myself. I prefer that people are starting to know our name & I know theirs. I love that it isn’t as loud as it would be in a city. I don’t mind the simple choices with businesses, but you get locally owned stores that usually have a better product anyway. I have experienced some trouble finding the local service though. Since both of us live in such a small town, most of the vendors don’t need a website. So that means modern people such as myself cannot find them. I had an undoubtedly hard time finding a seamstress because they had no online presence. I now need to get a Heating, Ventilation, & advanced A/C worker to install a heating system for me. I have asked around at the hardware store, local bank & the post office. Everyone tells myself and others this guy Kyle is very talented. Apparently he is really a licensed Heating, Ventilation, & advanced A/C worker that used to work in the big city. Now he lives here & just does Heating, Ventilation, & advanced A/C installs when he can. Nobody had this guy’s phone number though. Apparently to get an appointment with Kyle you either go to his house or find him at 1 of the local restaurants. I have been trying to hunt this guy down with no luck at all. It seems odd to myself and others that I need to go to our Heating, Ventilation, & advanced A/C dealers house & bother him. I might need to though. I really want our heating system installed ASAP


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