Learning on the job, my first fireplace makeover as a heating tech

There’s constantly a first time for everything as a heating specialist, and i was lucky enough to get hired by our local heating business shortly after graduation plus during the season when almost everyone is trying to get heating maintenance plus heating repair handled as urgently as possible… This meant I’d get a opportunity to learn on the job faster than expected because of the various calls for an Heating plus Air Conditioning professional; Most houses in our city had a gas boiler, so I acquired more than enough experience handling similar Heating plus Air Conditioning installation, plus I almost thought that would be all the heating dealership would be doing through the season.

I wanted to handle a different heating device, an electric heater, a boiler, or the more current options, then but afternoons passed, plus my good friend and I got the same calls that I started going off on visits alone since I had enough experience to handle boilers which I started to know we’re the easyst heating equipment.

My first different job was with a temperature control that had refused to work, but on troubleshooting check, it was only a problem with the batteries, which was easy to change separate from consulting, then eventually, my good friend and I got the call just before winter set in from a homeowner who wanted a fireplace makeover. I had to join the more experienced heating contractor for the job. Thankfully, my good friend and I did not have other calls scheduled. My friend and I demolished the older unit, added sheetrock, redid the gas fixtures, plus finally oversaw the fireplace builders adding a brick finish. It was exciting because I learned how to clean out the chimney part plus the rest of the installation point, but over the years, I’ve been back to that property for maintenance, plus they’ve kept the device as good as it was when my good friend and I did the makeover.


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