Looking for HVAC information in a HVAC discussion forum

Ever since that day I have remembered his advice

When I was a child it seemed like a lot of things around our house was always broken. It didn’t matter if my dad fixed or a contractor fixed it, it always seemed to be broken again shortly after. I remember one morning my mom was washing the dishes. We heard a loud popping sound and the kitchen sink almost went to the bottom of the floor. The kitchen sink lost its seal. My called a plumber but they wanted a lot of money for their services, just to fix a kitchen sink. Instead my dad went online and looked at a discussion forum. The discussion forum gave great advice however there was some information that was not written by a professional. An example of this happened when my dad went on the same discussion forum to look up HVAC information on system. My dad called me over to the computer and he showed me that some of the information was false and unreputable. He also told me that if there was a serious problem with my HVAC system that I should contact my local HVAC technician instead. He said that if you’re unsure whether the information on the discussion forum is correct, verify it with an HVAC professional. Ever since that day I have remembered his advice. Now that I have a home of my own, I leave all of my HVAC maintenance and service repairs to my local HVAC provider. Plus my provider is very reputable and does great work around our area.

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