Make sure to do these two things when you get your new HVAC unit

I tend to be a bit like a kid at Christmas when there are new additions to our house.

It’s funny, my wife and kids tend to get me stuff that I can add to the house or my man cave.

I just derive so much pleasure from having such a wonderful family home. It’s a nice enough house and has always had great heating and cooling comfort. We put in a pool and my wife and I have done some rather extensive landscaping. I even put in the aforementioned man cave a few years ago. It was always something I wanted to do but felt like that was not going to be cool. I didn’t want my wife and kids to think that I didn’t want to be around them. I had a dad like that who escaped the air conditioning of the house all the time to avoid time with the family. So I didn’t want to be like that. However, my wife encouraged me to do it and I even installed a ductless heat pump as my man cave is in the basement. Aside from that, there were no big additions in a while so I went sort of nuts when the new HVAC equipment was installed. My wife and I chose to go with the very latest in residential HVAC with all the bells and whistles. It’s really awesome and I love it. But as excited as I was, I still made sure to do the two very important things the HVAC contractor told me to do right away. I registered the new HVAC unit with the factory first. Then, I called the HVAC company and signed the new HVAC unit up for the HVAC service plan.



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