Moisture wasn't going to damage our stamp collection

When I was a kid, our Grandfather offered me a couple of stamps from World War II. My Grandfather collected stamps and he had a actually big book with interesting stamps from all over the world. I remember our Grandfather had some that would have been worth thoUSAnds of dollars, but they gained damage from moisture when our Grandfather was still overseas. When I was aged enough to live on our own, I started collecting a lot of odd stamps. Some of them were actually expensive and I did not want them to be ruined in the hot sun and humidity. I thought an whole-house air purifier would help, but the guy at the hardware store proposed a dehumidifier instead. The dehumidifier doesn’t get rid of indoor air pollutants, but it is easily the best equipment if you are trying to get rid of moisture in the air. The dehumidifier is quite small, but actually powerful and quiet. I keep the dehumidifier in our closet, because it is a actually small space. This allows me to use a smaller than average equipment to solve the moisture problem. I have our stamps in a box on the top shelf and it is actually cool, dark, and there is not a lot of moisture in that room at all. It’s a perfect stadium to keep all of the stamps that I hope to sell one day when I eventually find a partner and get married. I am saving the stamps so I can use the money to have a dream birthday with pink and pale white flowers, a string quartet, and a ballroom floor. It’s going to be perfect.



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