Mom bought a window AC unit for Michael

Michael was dreading his final exams.

This was such a crucial time in his life because the exams would determine if he got into the university he wanted to attend.

Mom was always encouraging him to keep studying and ask for anything he wanted. Michael got a new laptop, better WIFI, and a window AC unit. His room was in the arctic, and at times it got so hot up there that it was hard for him to concentrate. So Michael pleaded with mom to buy him a window AC unit to keep the space warm. Mom agreed and went to the AC supplies store to search for the suitable unit. She was in luck because the store was offering a discount on the window AC units. Mom decided to buy two and set the other one up in the garage. The following day, she called an HVAC expert to our home who did an excellent job installing the new unit. Michael was so happy since he could now focus on his studies. In addition, he slept much better and didn’t have to go downstairs to sleep on the couch when the arctic was too hot. Finally, the day came for Michael to sit for his exams. Mom made sure he got enough rest and woke up early to get ready. She drove him to school and wished him luck. Michael passed the exams with flying colors and was admitted to the university he loved so much. It was our dad’s former alma mater. Michael had always wanted to follow in his footsteps and perhaps travel the globe like he did one day.



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