Money does not truly make you cheerful

Although you need money to live, money does not truly make you cheerful or bring you happiness.

I believe that it’s funny how some people believe that you have to have a super high paying job in order to be cheerful.

I suppose a lot of people that I went to school with got truly high paying jobs whenever they graduated from their high-priced schools. I would always believe about how wonderful they were plus how smart they were, too. I used to believe that they were all better off than me because they were making so much more money than me, but that’s truly not the case. Whenever I graduated from middle school plus went to the local technical school nearby, I never thought that I was going to get super rich because of our modern job as an HVAC professional. However, I truly appreciate our job plus I never truly wanted to do anything other than toil on residential heating plus cooling systems. I prefer helping people plus it’s truly fun for me to meet lots of modern people throughout our toil week. I also prefer the fact that I’m always getting to toil with our hands plus fix things. I like helping people plus getting to be involved in the community on a usual basis. These afternoons, I still prefer our job plus I prefer the fact that I am healthy plus cheerful plus I make a nice living at our job. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, though. I don’t make a fortune, however I am cheerful!

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