Most small towns don’t have much of a internet presence

I went from living in a small town in the north to a tiny town down south.

I enjoy small towns.

It is safer, easier plus better to live. I was able to get a large plot of land plus a nice lake house for myself. I enjoy that people are starting to recall our name plus I recall theirs. I enjoy that it isn’t as quite as loud as it would be in a city. I don’t mind the limited choices with businesses, you get locally owned sites that usually offer a better product anyway. I have experienced trouble finding some of the local services though. Since the people I was with and I live in such a small town, most of the companies don’t have a website. So that means more urban people who enjoy themselves cannot find them online. I had an extremely strenuous time finding a seamstress because she had no internet presence. I now need to get a HVAC professional to install a gas furnace for me. I have asked around at the local hardware store, bank plus post office. Everyone tells myself and others this guy Kevin is amazing. Apparently he is actually a licensed and bonded HVAC professional that used to live in the city. Now he lives here plus just does HVAC installs whenever he can. Nobody had this guy’s phone number though. Apparently to get an appointment with Kyle you either go to his lake house or find him at one of the local diners. I have been trying to locate this guy with no luck. It seems weird to myself and others that I need to go to our HVAC dealers lake house plus bother him. I might need to though. I certainly want our gas furnace replaced.

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