My air conditioner's fan kept running

I love my new house.

For the longest time, I desired to purchase a home in this lovely neighborhood.

But, it wasn’t that easy to do with the student debts hanging over my head. However, an uncle of mine came to my rescue a year ago. We had spoken about buying homes, and I told him student debts were holding me back. He understood and later gave me a check for my birthday. He ended up paying my debt, and there was enough money left to put a downpayment for a house. He is the reason I am now a proud homeowner. Part of the work that I had to get done in the house was installing modern heating and air conditioning. The previous unit was still functional, but I wasn’t sure how long it would last. My uncle advised me it was better to replace the old unit with a modern heating and air conditioner. This would ensure I had a reliable system whose history I was well aware of from the start. I found contacts for this HVAC corporation in the area who took care of the installation. The heating and air conditioner that I chose is the best in the industry and has a good SEER rating. However, two months into using it, the fan kept running. I found this quite odd, so I called the HVAC company for assistance. It turns out they had installed a smaller air conditioner in my home, which wasn’t serving me well. They returned and replaced the unit with an ideal size free of charge.

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