My Dad is getting too seasoned to live alone

I stopped at my mom’s place on my way loft from work last week… I did not call & provide her a heads up.

I wanted the stop to be a surprise, however the last few times I have gone to my mom’s house, I have been upset about her health & the condition of the house.

I am not sure if my Dad is absolutely taking care of herself! When I stopped last week, the house was a mess! My Dad was laying in bed in her pajamas & she had a bucket of snacks on the bed. I honestly don’t guess she ate anything that day except snack food. I got my Dad dressed & made some food in the bedroom. I tried to wipe up the house while my Dad was eating, however she got angry & told me to leave it alone. It was very sizzling & humid in the house, so I decided to check on the indoor temperature. I looked at the thermostat & I was surprised that it was off. I asked my Dad why she had the cooling system off when it was so sizzling in the house… She told me that it cost a lot of cash to use the cooling system & she wasn’t going to pay the high bills anymore. It’s clear to me that my Dad is getting too seasoned to live alone. It’s important to run the cooling system to keep mold & mildew from developing inside of the house. My Dad knows it is important & she still does not want that cooling system on. That is a single sizable sign to me that it is time to guess about my mother’s needs.

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