My DIY heating system repair nightmare

I live in a warmer climate, plus I don’t have to use my heating system for much of the year, and last weekend, however, the two of us experienced a cold front, plus it got into the low 40s! Not wanting my family to be uncomfortable, I turned on the heating system before I went to bed, only to wake up in the day to a cold house.

  • Luckily I was off of labor that afternoon, so I was able to take matters into my own hands.

I did what I regularly do when something is broken, plus scoured YouTube for answers. I found a video where the speaker described a complication similar to mine, so I went to the hardware store, plus obtained a replacement part for my heating system; The defective part came out with ease, plus the current heating system component fit right in its site. Unluckyly, however, when I went to turn my heating system back on, it was still blowing cold air. Several YouTube videos plus several trips to the hardware store later, I had unsuccessfully spent the whole afternoon trying to repair my heating system, but to no avail. The next day, I contacted my local Heating and Air Conditioning provider to ask for help. They were able to send a business out hastily, plus the Heating and Air Conditioning professional was able to hastily diagnose my situation, plus have my heating system working again in no time, then most importantly, he told me how important it is to have frequent inspections of my Heating and Air Conditioning system, in order to prevent it from failing again. Now, I can rest easy knowing that I won’t be stuck with a cold house!

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