My dog was afraid of the HVAC specialist

I am one of those people who tends to retreat when winter starts. I live in a part that is simply magical during springtime and summer, but it starts to die down when fall comes along. By winter, there’s barely any activity, and numerous people prefer to stay indoors. The cold season’s rapidly changing temperatures are constantly on the news given how chilly it gets. But, I must confess this is my home, and I prefer it here. It’s just that I periodically wish winters were shorter and summers longer. That way, we could work and be outside more. Last spring, I had to get things going before the visitors started coming in. I own three cabins that I rent out from mid Springtime to early fall. Some people do come during winter, however not often. My first task during spring is cleaning, and making sure the a/c is working in the cabins and my house. I’m about two miles from the cabins. The specialist comes and takes a look at all the systems to make sure they are functional. During this season, I had him check my home to ensure my air conditioner would work in the summer. I adopted a dog last fall, and she wasn’t too used to strangers. My dog was afraid of the HVAC specialist. The dog ran to hide when I let him into the house. The technician understood, and continued with his inspection and service while my dog watched him from the corner. I made sure to tape her because it was so cute to watch.


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