My fate rest on my air purifier

So tomorrow I will either be up in the mountains playing drums and singing with my bandmate, or I will be in the sand on the beach playing in a big beach volleyball tournament.

Quite a contrast between the two I know, but those are my two passions which tend to clash with one another from time to time.

I’ve been playing ball for 31 years competitively and have been playing music on and off for 40 years in one way or another. Volleyball is more or less just for fun nowadays as my old HVAC expert body can’t do what it could, but with music I can still open some doors and make some headway. Our band recorded some pretty cool songs last week at a local business and I need to go through them and edit them so that we can put them online for our small fan base. I think we will be playing in clubs and off of the streets soon, which is something to look forward to because they pay us well and it will be a lot of fun playing where people are having fun themselves. The heating supplier is going to have a sale this coming week and I need to think if there is something that I need, as they are having a sale on all of the heating and cooling equipment in the store. If I end up going to the mountains then that will nix the trip to the store to buy stuff because the sale will be off by the time I return.


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