My girl didn't want myself and others to miss the appointment

My wifey plus I found out that the two of us are going to have a baby.

Every one of us were not trying to get pregnant, however neither 1 of us are upset about the circumstances.

My wifey already has a baby from a odd relationship, however this is our first 1. I was truly happy when I heard the news plus I wanted our wifey to make an appointment to see the doctor. She made the appointment a few weeks later plus I told our boss that I wanted the day off work. The appointment was on a Thursday plus our boss hates to supply anyone the day off work on Thursday. It is the busiest day of the week for HVAC repairs. I told our boss that I needed a day off with 2 weeks of notice in advance, although he still stressed myself and others to work that day, then when I saw the schedule on Thursday afternoon, I told him that I was not going to come to work on that day. He rolled his eyup plus told myself and others that I was stressed to work, on Sunday day when I was done with the HVAC repairs, I told pretty much everyone at work that I would see them on Thursday. My boss still called on Thursday to find out if I was coming to work or not. I politely reminded the owner of the HVAC service company that I requested the day off in advance plus did not system on being at work that day. He hung up the phone before I had a chance to say anything else.
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