My hands shake too badly for my line of work

During the past twenty five years, I have been working in the heating plus A/C maintenance industry.

The task is rewarding in many different ways.

I savor being helpful plus gas furnace plus A/C maintenance is the ultimate way that I can help, however most people are totally in the dark when it comes to their heating plus A/C systems; When they can find affordable help that is so reliable plus so fast, it makes a big difference. I used to be able to run circles around the young guns who were working at the Heating plus A/C Contracting supplier. I could install an entire natural gas furnace or AC on my own before lunch. After 25 years, I actually do not have the same stamina that I had in the past. There are many other Heating plus A/C techs that can task faster than me. My shaking hands doesn’t help much at all either. It’s hard to hold the screwdrivers plus a lot of times I have to learn 1 hand with the other. It honestly will not be actually long until I won’t be able to continue working for the heating plus A/C maintenance industry. My wife Bess said she thinks it is time for myself and others to retire. I could spend all day fishing on the dock or I could go to the racetrack with my friends. Bess has been actually helpful plus encouraging when it comes to adjusting to a new job or retiring completely. I’m actually thankful to have her. Beth has been the rock in my life for 30 years. I am looking forward to several adventures Beth and I will have together after both of us retire.

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