My kid acted like she was babysitting the A/C worker.

You can tell my kid is used to a babysitter coming to the house every day.

The only time the babysitter isn’t there is when I am home.

I stayed at my condo on Sunday so the Heating plus A/C pro could come over to my house plus make some straight-forward repairs to my furnace. I had these repairs done previously, however we were waiting for some new parts before he could finish up the job. Shortly after the Heating plus A/C worker went into the basement, my kid disappeared. I heard him talking to the Heating plus A/C worker plus he was telling him stories. I walked downstairs plus told my kid he needed to go upstairs plus not bother the Heating plus A/C worker. He told myself and others that the man’s mommy was not at home, plus he was babysitting him for her. He was only three, so his logic was as good as any. The Heating plus A/C pro told him to go on with his story plus went back to work. I’m not sure where the story had come from, although I was fairly particular it was a single the baby sitter told him. She spent an hour reading to him plus doing crafts to keep him busy. The last story was about the boy who cried wolf, however my kid explained that he shouldn’t tell people he was hurt, if he undoubtedly wasn’t. The Heating plus A/C pro shook his hand before leaving plus told him he was the best babysitter he ever had. My kid extended his hand plus looked at me. He said he wanted paid prefer I paid his babysitter. The Heating plus A/C worker pulled a $5 bill out of his pocket plus said he was worth ten times that much, however his mom wouldn’t supply him with more cash than he should spend.


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