My partner was complaining about the unusual air conditioner noises

My partner and I have been living together for 5 years.

Before, we both owned our own homes and lived apart. Instead of him moving in with me or the other way around, we opted to get a house together. Since we didn’t want to spend money on a wedding, we paid a house down payment. The next step was inviting those close to us to the courthouse and tying the knot. Our former homes are now rental properties that bring in some good income. My partner came home with news that she got such a good buyer for her house the other day. She wanted to buy another house, and the money she was getting was impressive. However, she was having an issue with the air conditioner in that house. My partner explained that the previous tenant had failed to mention that the air conditioner was making weird noises. My partner had gone to the house with a contractor to check on what repairs were needed. When they tested the air conditioner, it made the worst shrieking noise. She was at a loss because the tenant lived in a house with an air conditioner making that sound. I told her that the best thing to do was phone an HVAC company for assistance. They’d advise her whether to repair or replace the unit making all that noise. I was so shocked at the loud shrieking noise and just shook my head. Later, my partner called me back with the news that an HVAC worker had noted an issue with the motor fan and was fixing it. The unit still had lots of life in it with proper maintenance.


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