My sister loves to cook a lot

My sibling’s home regularly smells like grease from all of the cooling that she does all the time.

She enjoys cooking more than just about anyone that I know.

She is regularly looking up new recipes to try out and she’s regularly watching videos online to figure out new things to make and how to make them, but truthfully, while I like reaping the fruits of her work and eating the food that she cooks. I have to confess that the inside of her home just smells awful, and the indoor air quality in her home is literally one of the worst smells that I have ever smelled. I keep trying to tell her that she needs to do something about it but it’s like she doesn’t even notice it at all herself. I suppose it’s because she has been living with the smell for so long now that she just doesn’t smell it anymore. However, I am almost embarrassed for her because she has people over occasionally and I know that she doesn’t want all of them to think that her home smells bad, even though it does! I told her that one of the best things that she could do for the indoor air quality in her home would be to get the ductwork cleaned out by a professional A/C serviceman. If they came and cleaned the air conditioning ductwork and the air vents out with their specialized tools, I know that it would get rid of a lot of the stuff that’s particularly caked on the ductwork. I’m sure that’s what is making the home smell bad.

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